White Paper
Care and Oversight of Horses Managed for the Collection of Pregnant Mares' Urine (PMU) - A White Paper...

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Continuous Improvement in Equine Ranching
Canadian Horse Journal, Summer 2021 [ Click Here For More ]
Equine Ranching Four Seasons
The equine ranching story is unique in today’s world; one about daily routines, rigorous work and cheerful cooperation involving ranch families, the horses under their care, and the tremendous partnership between agriculture and women’s health care worldwide. [ Click Here For More ]
Premarin History
The evidence is clear – not all estrogen replacement therapies are created equal. Read about the history of Premarin – one of the most widely studied estrogen replacement products in the world. [ Click Here For More ]
What is a NAERIC Horse
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Expert Findings
Findings and conclusions of independent equine specialists who have inspected equine ranches and found the care of the horses to be above reproach and even exceed the standard as seen in the general equine industry. [ Click Here For More ]
Frequently asked questions about the equine ranching industry [ Click Here For More ]
Code of Practice
All equine ranchers must adhere to the “The Recommended Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Horses on PMU ranches.” Developed with leading veterinarians, the Code provides for temperature-controlled barns; stalls large enough for the mares to move about and lie down comfortably; adequate amounts of bedding; comprehensive veterinary care; exercise and restraint-free, lightweight collection systems that guarantee a full range of motion. [ Click Here For More ]
Industry Reports
Professional journal research and findings regarding the equine ranching industry’s standards for horse care, nutrition, watering, exercise and barn environments. [ Click Here For More ]
Consensus Report on the Care of Horses on PMU Ranches
The Consensus Report on the Care of Horses on PMU Ranches" is a report regarding the high level of care given to horses utilized in PMU production by an international veterinary and welfare groups who inspect equine ranches time to time to monitor the health and welfare of the horses. [ Click Here For More ]