Getting Your Horse Home

Informatin for crossing the United States/Canada border. Complete border crossing and hauling information can be attained from the NAERIC rancher.

1. Hire a commercial hauler - EASIEST

• The rancher can provide assistance in finding a hauler. The transporter and rancher take care of all necessary paperwork.


2.Haul the horse yourself

• Make sure you have all necessary paperwork

    • Health papers and negative coggins for the horse (provided by rancher)
    • Passport for any travelers

• Horses must cross border where a veterinarian works

    • To find a complete list of border crossing locations visit, and find the state into which you are crossing and click on that state. The rancher can also give you information regarding which border to use.

• Call the border crossing you intend to use and make an appointment with the veterinarian to inspect your horse. Typical work hours are 8-4 pm on weekdays.