What is It?

The NAERIC Advantage is an incentive program for horses bred on NAERIC member ranches and registered with NAERIC. More than 57,000 horses are registered with NAERIC so far and are eligible to earn NAERIC Advantage rewards. NAERIC horse owners, participating in NAERIC approved events, have received over $3,600,000.00 since 1998.

Approved events include a broad range of disciplines and levels of competition in the United States, Canada, and Europe . Availability and quality of published results are important in approving events for Advantage payouts.
Results MUST:

  • Identify the horse exhibited
  • Be readily accessible on an established web site or printed in a reputable equine publication.

NAERIC horse owners are encouraged to recommend events for approval in their area. To recommend an event, click on the Application for Event Approval link, fill out the online application, and click on "Send to NAERIC" when completed. The event will be researched to see if adequate results are posted to verify horses' placings and if the event meets criteria set in our Rules and Regulations for approved events.

Some of the disciplines included in receiving NAERIC Advantage money are: hunt classes, western classes, barrel racing, cutting, ranch horse, roping, reining, pole bending, trail, working cow horse, dressage, eventing, jumping, racing, team penning , halter classes, cart and team classes, and line classes.

Exhibitors, earning only ribbons or points through breed -approved shows, can earn Advantage dollars when placing first - third. In addition, the Advantage matches, dollar for dollar for the owner of the horse, breed registry incentive fund checks from the AQHA Incentive Fund, the APHA Breeders Trust Fund, the ApHC Breeders Trust Fund, and the ApHCC Incentive Fund.

The NAERIC web site, www.naeric.org, posts details of payouts for each event. Owners of NAERIC horses who compete at approved shows can fill out online payout applications for Advantage rewards and submit them electronically.

Please see the rules and regulations for more information regarding NAERIC Advantage horse registration, event approval and payouts. NAERIC Advantage Rules and Regulations

Does your horse qualify for NAERIC Advantage money? Search here for horses registered with NAERIC.